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The Tyler Hand and Gavel established as an alternative with human rights and environmental groups providing international pressures that have a significant effect on government-citizen relations, critical voice of the civil community that lay emphasis on;
“Political & Social issues are great contribution for the members of society in structuring decisions both directly and indirectly. Politics tells you how a society must be set up and how one should act within a society. Social issues that are merely considered to be problems or controversies, specifically related to moral values, and religion which often plays an important role for people self-decisiveness that could affect self-growth and globalization.“

By the very nature, authoritarian states do not encourage civil society, and they often feel that their power is threatened by it. So, The Tyler Hand and Gavel connects to every part of the world citizens by means of global modernization in which may place considerable pressure on the state to bring about reform, and to make all their feet stand on the place where it is meant and lawfully for them. We provide well-researched and studied articles that raise questions about the way the world or countries are organized politically, economically and socially.